Sun, Sea, Sand and Stolen Goods.

Post date: Wednesday 17 July 2013

I feel tremendously guilty for not having blogged for three whole weeks; not because anyone would have missed reading my posts but because I promised myself that I would not become lax with my blogging.
Two weeks ago, me and twelve friends took a flight out to Spain for a week of trying to find shade, sampling the local McDonalds and KFC branches, drinking the finest wine at 89 cents a carton and trying not to kill each other. I had eagerly packed my Cannon 450D, with which I take all the pictures for this blog, with the intention of capturing all the mouthwatering food, the fabulous outfits and the beautiful architecture. The part of the holiday I was most excited about was getting home, curling up in bed, sifting through hundreds of photos and deciding which ones to share on here and with my family and friends. 

On the first night of our trip, we decided to take a wander around the town of Alicante and quickly found ourselves engaged in a highly competitive, highly professional game of beach volleyball. However, having been up for nigh on 24 hours we soon retired to our apartments. When we returned, it soon became evident that someone had broken in whilst we were out and stolen a lot of money and a lot of electronics, including my camera. Luckily some of our friends studied Spanish at A Level and thus managed to contact the police straight away, who came and took fingerprints and other exciting crime scene type things. 
I think it took losing my camera for me to realise how important it was to me, which sounds quite silly and rather clich├ęd but it was a very important part of what I do and sort of like a little electronic friend that captured all my memories for me.
 I was so devastated by it that it's taken me a whole two weeks to even be able to look at my blog without feeling all mopey, as I had a number of posts lined up besides a beautiful Spain one that have now all been put on hold. 
However here I am writing what feels like the most depressing, least entertaining post ever. Here are some pictures that I took with my trusty Kodak to try and make this all a bit more fun.

KJ xo

P.s. Thank you for not unfollowing me during my absence, I promise that as soon as I get a camera back from the insurance there will be lots of bright and cheerful posts. Please also continue to follow me on Bloglovin instead of Google Friend Connect, I am very grateful to those who do!

 The beach was a five minute walk from our apartment, but we chose to catch our rays at the far end instead as it was less crowded. And there was less chance of seeing 60 year old nude sunbathers.

Just some of the beautiful architecture.


Cocktails at the beach bar and us discovering what a Spanish club is like.

KJ and Joey time mainly meant eating McDonalds. Or KFC. Or Burger King.

Strange trees that grew in the square near our apartment.


A shot at the beach bar with a beautifully detailed background that really captures the atmosphere (this is where my Canon is needed).

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