SheInside Haul // My SheInside Experience

Post date: Thursday 3 April 2014

About two and a half weeks ago, I made my first SheInside purchases. I was pretty nervous about ordering from them as I had read a lot of negative reviews citing poor quality products, orders not arriving and their customer service team being unresponsive. However, seeing as I managed to pick up a t-shirt, dress and coat for around £40 I decided to risk it. I'll leave a full review of my experience with SheInside at the end of this post, for those of you who are considering ordering from them. 

The first thing I added to my cart was this (fake, obviously) Acne Studios t-shirt. I'm a bit snobby when it comes to fake designer shoes or watches, but one teensy tiny fake t-shirt is acceptable, isn't it? Apart from being terribly creased when it arrived, the quality of this t-shirt isn't too shabby. The cotton is quite thin, and not the soft sort that you get with Topshop or H&M t-shirts, but the sizing is nice and the stitching looks fine. 

I also ordered a coat, because let's face it, it's coat weather about 360 days out of the year in England. I have seen this style of coat everywhere lately and so just couldn't resist picking one up for only £25 (and only £21.25 once I'd applied my 15% off code!). I love this style, especially as it's a lot more sophisticated that my parka meaning I no longer have to look like a tramp when I go out to dinner. My only complaint about it would be that the sleeves are slightly constricting as they are obviously made from a much cheaper material than if I'd ordered a coat like this from ASOS. 

Finally I bought my seven billionth LBD; this isn't a swing or skater dress, so I decided it was acceptable to add it to my collection. On the website it looked like a t-shirt dress, which I suppose it is essentially, but it falls more like a bodycon due to the strip of material at the bottom. The mesh panels are slightly out of my comfort zone and I'm going to have to try and figure out how to wear it without looking like a stripper, but I'm glad I purchased it as it's very different to anything else in my wardrobe. The main body of the dress is made of a nice thick, stretchy material but the mesh itself is quite thin and looks like it could rip if I'm not careful with it.

Overall, I'm really pleased with all my products, you do get what you pay for with the quality, but it's certainly no worse than Primark. My order only took two and a half weeks to arrive which surprised me as I was expecting to be waiting up to a month; when I used their "online chat" service to enquire about what stage in the delivery process my order was at (they had emailed me an incorrect order number) they were very helpful and told me it would arrive within two weeks, only for me to find it on my doorstep the next morning! Apart from the fact they've bombarded me with emails including discount codes and seasonal offers in a shameless attempt for me to purchase more, I'm very impressed with their delivery process and customer service. I guess I was one of the lucky ones, as it seems a lot of people have serious problems with SheInside, so I suppose you order at your own risk. My only complaint about the website would be that things go out of stock very quickly; there was about five t-shirts I wanted to buy but this was the only one in stock. However they do have new stock daily so there are always new products to browse and purchase! I probably will find myself shopping here again as they have some really fashionable pieces for great prices. 

Have you tried SheInside?
KJ xo
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  1. That black dress is way too beautiful for words! And I bought a jacket from SheInside last year and it's now one of my favorites haha. Funny, I hadn't heard about the bad reviews. All I know is that they have really cute sweaters and jackets and the 10% off is pretty sweet lol!
    Such a cute post! x

  2. I have been contemplating buying from sheinside because it does seem a little risky but after reading the post, I think I might give them a try.