C'est moi

Post date: Tuesday 30 April 2013

I will be astronomically surprised if anyone reads or takes an interest in this blog/my mundane life, but I've decided to start it up anyway. I'm beginning an English course at university next year which will hopefully lead to a career in magazine journalism, and writing a blog is something that I have always known will help with my endeavours but also something that I never got around to. Alas, here I am writing my first (somewhat pointless) post! I'm guessing I will be posting about my everyday life, DIY fashion projects I'm engaging in, recipes I've enjoyed and my photography etc... but hey ho I can be wild and unpredictable so you never know! 

KJ xo

P.S. Although that was a less than scandalous post it made me feel weirdly like Gossip Girl. I like this.