Chicken and Bacon Salad

Post date: Saturday 22 June 2013

I'm not usually one for salads; they're boring, and eating them makes me feel like a rabbit. However, this recipe is a delicious blend of salad, vegetables and meat and perfect for lunch on a summer's day. I put this recipe together by accident one afternoon whilst trying to make use of all the leftovers in the fridge and have been obsessed with it ever since. Not being the most adventurous of eaters, I stuck to the basic salad essentials but you could easily add some more exotic ingredients such as carrots, or those caper things. Anyhow, I felt the need to share it and if you try it out, let me know!
KJ xo

InstaDiary: Week 2

Post date: Friday 21 June 2013

Another week another Dutch braid | Last season's Topshop bikni that I bought off eBay for a not-so-bargain price | New running shoes | Post-exams lunch date at The Burger Joint | First watermelon of the summer | Potato salad | Glitter ombre nails | Showing off my latest creation | Chocolate Forest Gateau in the sun.

Strawberries and Cupcakes

Post date: Thursday 20 June 2013

Seeing as temperatures last night hit a high of a muggy 24 degrees, me and my friends decided to celebrate the end of exams with a summery barbecue. I took my camera with the intention of taking some picturesque shots of the garden, the food and cocktails. However I quickly realised that I don't actually know anyone who drinks cocktails and after receiving the sarcastic comment "I'm sure people know what bread looks like" I decided to put the camera away for the night and don a tea-cosy instead; if you can't beat them, join them!

DIY: Floral Crown

Post date: Wednesday 12 June 2013

It personally offends me when people post DIY tutorials that don't involve things you can find lying around the house. So, I feel extremely hypocritical writing this because unless you live in Hobbycraft you probably wont have anything needed for this project to hand. 
The weather has been bordering on glorious for the last week and so I felt inspired to get crafty and make some summer accessories. A floral crown has been on my wishlist for a while now but I couldn't justify spending £20 on one from the high street and so I thought it would be fun to make my own. I did end up spending about £15 altogether but it meant that I could tailor the crown to my own tastes, and I'm sure any bargain-hunters amongst you could find all of this for half the price! So, following the likes of Lana Del Rey and Alexa Chung I dived right on in.

You will need: A selection of artificial flowers | A hair band | Craft tape

InstaDiary: Week 1

Post date: Tuesday 11 June 2013

Having been busy revising the past fortnight, I haven't had much of a chance to focus on blogging. Now that my exams are over I want to spend a lot of time over Summer posting lots of pretty things! Hopefully I'll do these Instagram posts every week as it seems a fun way to document all the small photo-worthy things that happen. I hope you all enjoy my low-quality-non-iPhone Instagram photos!
KJ xo

Thousands of beads that I individually hand-sewed on to the denim I'm using for my latest fashion creation | My revamped wall | Summer berry flapjack in my Graze Box | Dutch braid for a dance exam | Sparkly sassy Topshop trainers that I got off eBay for £2.99 | My first gold bar ballroom, latin and classical sequence plaques taking pride of place in my collection | My first AngelBerry fro-yo | Revising The Crucible | Summery chicken and bacon salad.

May Beauty Favourites

Post date: Sunday 2 June 2013

I don't claim to know a lot about make-up (or anything else, for that matter) but this month I discovered five products that helped my face look a bit more socially acceptable and thus decided that they must be quite good. 

Rimmel London BB Cream
 I'd heard a lot about BB creams and liked the idea of using something lighter than foundation to give coverage, because foundation scares me. A lot. Of course I wasn't going to spend more than £5 on a product that could essentially turn my face in to a tangerine, so at £4.99 a bottle, Rimmel's BB cream seemed like a good one to purchase for experimentation. So far I have really liked the way it makes my skin look, I wouldn't go as far as to use the word "flawless" but it certainly helps even things out and make me look a little more alive. However, the shades do come quite dark so I wouldn't recommend this to anyone of a vampire skin-tone. 

Models Own 5-Piece Brush Set
For a long time, I've been using make-up brushes that I got free with a cheapy teenage make-up set many many years ago. I recently realised that these probably weren't achieving the purpose for which they were made and decided to splash out (£10) on a brand spanking new set of brushes. In the set you get a powder brush, an angled brush, an eyeshadow brush, a blending brush and a lip brush. I doubt I'll find a use for the angled brush as I once attempted to fill in my eyebrows and looked like a transvestite, but the others will be used on a daily basis and so far have been well worth the money; they feel beautifully soft against my skin and the bright orange colour is rather summery.