InstaDiary: Week 1

Post date: Tuesday 11 June 2013

Having been busy revising the past fortnight, I haven't had much of a chance to focus on blogging. Now that my exams are over I want to spend a lot of time over Summer posting lots of pretty things! Hopefully I'll do these Instagram posts every week as it seems a fun way to document all the small photo-worthy things that happen. I hope you all enjoy my low-quality-non-iPhone Instagram photos!
KJ xo

Thousands of beads that I individually hand-sewed on to the denim I'm using for my latest fashion creation | My revamped wall | Summer berry flapjack in my Graze Box | Dutch braid for a dance exam | Sparkly sassy Topshop trainers that I got off eBay for £2.99 | My first gold bar ballroom, latin and classical sequence plaques taking pride of place in my collection | My first AngelBerry fro-yo | Revising The Crucible | Summery chicken and bacon salad.

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