May Beauty Favourites

Post date: Sunday 2 June 2013

I don't claim to know a lot about make-up (or anything else, for that matter) but this month I discovered five products that helped my face look a bit more socially acceptable and thus decided that they must be quite good. 

Rimmel London BB Cream
 I'd heard a lot about BB creams and liked the idea of using something lighter than foundation to give coverage, because foundation scares me. A lot. Of course I wasn't going to spend more than £5 on a product that could essentially turn my face in to a tangerine, so at £4.99 a bottle, Rimmel's BB cream seemed like a good one to purchase for experimentation. So far I have really liked the way it makes my skin look, I wouldn't go as far as to use the word "flawless" but it certainly helps even things out and make me look a little more alive. However, the shades do come quite dark so I wouldn't recommend this to anyone of a vampire skin-tone. 

Models Own 5-Piece Brush Set
For a long time, I've been using make-up brushes that I got free with a cheapy teenage make-up set many many years ago. I recently realised that these probably weren't achieving the purpose for which they were made and decided to splash out (£10) on a brand spanking new set of brushes. In the set you get a powder brush, an angled brush, an eyeshadow brush, a blending brush and a lip brush. I doubt I'll find a use for the angled brush as I once attempted to fill in my eyebrows and looked like a transvestite, but the others will be used on a daily basis and so far have been well worth the money; they feel beautifully soft against my skin and the bright orange colour is rather summery.

Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
For all of my adolescent life, my mum has bought me whatever moisturiser/face wash is on offer in Tesco and I have used it without complaint. However, when I turned 18 I decided it was time to take matters in to my own hands and do some research in to what products would be best for my skin. I watched Tanya Burr's video "How to get Perfect Skin for School" and saw she highly recommended the Simple range. I've purchased a moisturiser and a face wash, and at £3.79 a bottle, both my skin and my bank balance are feeling radiant. The moisturiser practically glides on to my skin leaving it feeling lovely and dewy, something no other moisturiser has managed to achieve!

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer
I don't remember the last time I woke up without black circles under my eyes; it's as if they are a permanently engraved feature. I have tried to combat them with a few different concealers but nothing has worked as well as Rimmel Wake Me Up. I put this down to it being a liquid concealer that comes with its own little squidgy wand for easy application, as it rubs in to my skin much more willingly than any of the stick concealers I've used before. This 7ml bottle cost £5.49, which I thought was slightly overpriced at the time of purchase, but it is worth every penny as it completely de-zombifies me every morning.

No 7 Opulence Eye Pallet  
I came across this eyeshadow pallet whilst throwing out loads of old make-up. I decided to keep it as the colours were too pretty to simply put in the bin! After experimenting with it I came to really like it; I used the cream as a base, put the gold in the inner corner of my eye and the blue in the outer corner before blending it out to black. The shimmery tone of the pallet makes it perfect for special occasions, and the unusual colours make it a welcome change from the traditional neutral or smoky eye. Unfortunately this pallet is no longer available in Boots but you can still pick it up on Amazon or Ebay!

KJ xo

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  1. Want to try that BB cream!! :)New follower, btw. Love your blog! xx

  2. I don't know much about makeup either but I certainly want to try the Simple line of products as tons of people are recommending it. I also want to try the concealer you mentioned because under my eyes are terrible. Thanks for the recommendations!