KJ's Double-Chocolate-Cookie-Dough-Brownie Bites

Post date: Friday 31 May 2013

Warning: This recipe is not for the feint-hearted (because it may severely clog up your arteries)

Today I wanted to share my new favourite recipe with you; it's a big tray of buttery sugary gooey chocolatey  yumminess!
 Have you ever baked cookies and rolled them up in to neat little dough-balls and then watched them merge in to one giant super-cookie in the oven? Well, in an effort to avoid such an eventuality, I decided to follow this cookie recipe and then fill up a baking tray with the mixture, and cut it in to little cookie-squares at the end. However, this produced something much thicker than cookies, much gooier than brownies and much yummier than anything I've ever eaten before!

I hope you enjoy baking these quick and easy treats, and the food coma that you will inevitably endure afterwards.
KJ xo

You will need: 
200g unsalted butter | 300g caster sugar | 1 egg | 275g self-raising flour | 75g cocoa powder | 2 big bars of chocolate | A splash of milk
Note: I used 1.5 times these ingredients as I was baking them for about 20 people.

Weigh out the butter and sugar.

Mix them together until you have a big creamy heart attack in a bowl.

Add in the egg and mix.

Weigh out the flour and cocoa powder.

Add to the mixture and stir until your heart attack becomes chocolate-flavoured.

Chop your chocolate in to chunks...

... And stir it in to the mixture.

Spread the mixture out in to a grease-proof paper lined baking tray (using your hands is the best, messiest way to do this!) and place in the oven for ten minutes.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool. Don't be alarmed at how gooey it is, it will set once it's cooled.

Cut in to cubes and enjoy whilst mum does the washing up! 

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