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Post date: Wednesday 1 May 2013

As my A2 Photography exam looms closer ("looms" is a strong word, I'm actually quite looking forward to it!) I've found myself looking back over the thousands of pictures I've taken over the last year and a half. I've worked with the briefs "Portraits and Personalities", "Fears and Phobias", "The Passing of Time", "Water" and "Text and Image". 
Most of my friends run a mile at the sight of my Cannon, so I have had a very limited selection of models to work with, but I can't complain because my best friend could probably rival Kate Moss when it comes to working the camera. In hind sight I definitely owe at least 80% of my A grade to her photogenic face. 
When I chose Photography A Level I dreamt of doing highbrow fashion shoots in fabulous locations every other week... Needless to say I soon realised I had overestimated just how glamorous A Levels would be. However I found myself subconsciously weaving fashion in to all my shoots no matter the brief. Whether it be dressing my model in gothic outfits and begging her to wander a graveyard in subzero temperatures; or forcing her in to her pointe shoes and making her plié and développé on a train platform; or perhaps the time I demanded she apply and re-apply make up for hours whilst I hovered around her clicking my camera, somehow fashion has always found its way back in to my shoots. 
Overall I am very pleased with the portfolio I have built up during my time at sixth form, and am going to share some of my favourite images with the dozen people who have viewed this blog since its birth yesterday!

KJ xo

Fears and Phobias:

The Passing of Time:


Text and Image:

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