Third Time Lucky

Post date: Monday 27 May 2013

I'm not sure if it's a girl-thing or just a me-thing, but looking through pictures from other people's proms fills me with rainbows and smiles and other happy things. In the hope that I'm not completely abnormal, I decided to share some photos that I took at my friend Isy's house before we all headed off to our prom (It was actually called "Leavers Ball" but, being American at heart, I have to refer to it as "Prom" and also be rather confused as to why I did not receive a corsage).

This was my third prom and definitely my favourite! When I left primary school we had a hideous 80's themed disco; it's a rather distant memory that I have spent many years trying to block out, but I am still haunted by the masses of tie-dye and neon leg-warmers that invaded the school hall that night. 
Upon leaving secondary school we all dressed up in (what we thought were) our prettiest cocktail dresses and highest heels and teetered over to Ashton Court Mansion. The night ended in a mosh pit and we shall speak no more of it.
This year, as we leave sixth form and head off in to the adult world of gap years, university and full-time employment, I'd hoped we would be attending a slightly more high-brow event. We enjoyed a three-course meal at The Bristol Hotel (the term "enjoyed" is being used very loosely there), before the DJ began playing everything from the Cha Cha Slide to Taylor Swift. Of course, now that we're all 18, the evening was not without it's casualties and some people didn't quite manage to make it to their seats before having to be escorted home by their parents.
Afterwards, we ventured in to the deep dark depths of Oceana (a club with a reputation for tight skirts and fake tan) and surprisingly, I felt quite at home as within ten minutes of being there I had already heard Justin Timberlake, One Direction AND Taylor Swift! Once the smell of Lynx had got too over-powering and we were close to asphyxiation we decided to call it a night and headed home.

I hope you enjoy looking through some of my favourite snaps of all the beautiful dresses and fancy suits as much as I do!

KJ xo




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