The Beginnings of Adulthood

Post date: Wednesday 15 May 2013

Last month I celebrated my 18th birthday and I wanted to write a post documenting what I received because I'm lame like that. 
I wasn't all that excited about my birthday because unlike most people my age I don't care for going to clubs or becoming paralytic, and if anything, turning 18 signalled the end of my childhood and the start of a huge, new (terrifying) chapter of my life. I mean, are you still even allowed to enjoy things like Harry Potter once you're an adult? And do I have to vote because I really don't know anything about politics, and why does my mum keep twittering on about my need for online banking, is that another adult thing? 
Those worries aside, I did enjoy my birthday and received some lovely gifts which I have photographed below (I never realised quite how blue my room is until I looked at these photos on my laptop!) mainly for my own recollection when I'm old and wrinkly.

It was duly noted that I received two cards with pugs on this year, despite never having shown any particular affection for them.

Just before my birthday I sat on my bed, heard an ominous crack and subsequently realised I had broken my bed with my own body weight. I thus decided it would be appropriate to ask for a new one for my birthday and begged to be upgraded to a double, something mummy begrudgingly agreed to. (No that isn't a pillow with Harry Styles' face on in the corner.)

My grandad fixed my fairy lights which look super cute at the head of my bed and make me feel like a Princess.

Mum also got me a matching Chanel lipstick and nail varnish which I have already posted about but I am slightly obsessed with.

It's basically a tradition now for me to get the latest Paramore album for my birthday.

My brother got me the first two seasons of Gossip Girl on DVD which was very much appreciated as I have spent the past five years of my life being obsessed with it (when I say "it" I may or may not mean "Chuck Bass"). He also got me a copy of The Catcher In The Rye which confused me at first as everyone knows I don't read books that don't take place at Hogwarts, but he wrote a very sweet note explaining the reasoning behind the purchase which made it much more acceptable in my eyes.

My mum's friend gave me a whole load of film for my camera and I basically peed myself with gratitude because film is expensive and I take a lot of photos. 

My friend Maisie got me an AMAZING One Direction phone case which I'm sure will stop my phone from being stolen if I ever do venture out to a club, and a One Direction pen which makes revision all the more fun. She also got me some naughty miniature drinks and an adorable night light because I'm now an adult who is scared of the dark.

I received photo frames from a couple of people which was lovely as I like having photos and memories displayed all around my room.

Last but certainly not least my boyfriend surprised me with breakfast in bed and a trip to the zoo which was definitely the best thing ever because I haven't been in years and I always appreciate experiences and memories more than material gifts. Look at the cutey little Penguins and Seals and the Lorikeet that took up residence on my arm! My camera decided to rewind itself halfway through the film so some pictures came out double exposed hence the fact I am half submerged in the sea-life centre in the first picture. I was also very tired but excited, hence my face in the last picture.

KJ xo

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