The Magical World of Harry Potter (Warner Bros. Studio Tour)

Post date: Sunday 11 May 2014

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to go on a tour of the Harry Potter sets at Warner Bros. Studios.
I can't even begin to describe how surreal it was to walk down Diagon Alley, stand in front of Privet Drive and gawk at the Philosophers Stone. After seeing the sets play host to some truly epic scenes and the best of British acting on screen, it was any Potterhead's dream to be able to see them up close and discover all the secrets off screen. It was undoubtedly a magical day, which I documented by taking no less than 300 photographs, and am going to share with you whether you like it or not! 

The lobby contains huge canvas shots of everyone's favourite characters, as well as a few bits of memorabilia to help ease you in to the wizarding world.

After being herded in to a small, dark room along with 100 other eager tourists, we were told to turn our attention to the mini cinema screens and watch the short film about how Harry Potter ended up transitioning from the pages of J.K Rowling's novel to the big screen. We were then led in to a slightly plusher cinema, where we watched a short film about life on the Harry Potter set; the piece ended with Daniel, Rupert and Emma heading in to the Great Hall, at which point the cinema screen rolled up to reveal a grand pair of oak double doors...

Throughout the tour, there were hundreds of TVs and poster boards that gave loads of behind-the-scenes secrets about the films. Being able to hear all the actors and producers talking about the film whilst walking around the studios really helped make the experience an interactive one. There was also plenty of costumes scattered around, posing next to the appropriate sets; you won't believe how tiny Emma Watson's Yule Ball dress is in real life! 

After exiting the Great Hall, there was one huge warehouse filled with various sets and props. The information boards make you realise how much attention to detail there is in the films; did you know the painting next to the staircase in the Gryffindor common room is of a young Professor Mcgonagall? Each jar in the potions classroom contains a plant or animal, and each book stacked up in Dumbledore's office is completely individual.

Once we'd had our fill of the indoor sets, and had flown broomsticks and Ford Anglia's on the green screen, we headed to the back lot to see the outdoor sets and try a sample of the infamous Butterbeer. The back lot consisted of No.4 Privet Drive, the Knight Bus, the Hogwarts Bridge and a Ford Anglia. These weren't as interactive as the indoor sets, but sampling Butterbeer was a truly delightful experience; deliciously sweet and reminiscent of butterscotch, it certainly wasn't for the feint hearted.

The final portion of the tour was basically a conglomeration of everything else from the films. A room full of prosthetic goblin heads and giant Aragog's was the first thing to greet us.The majority of the special effects in Harry Potter were actually down to electronics and clever filming tricks, as opposed to CGI!

When we rounded the corner, we found ourselves on Diagon Alley. All the shop fronts were beautifully worn away, and the window displays were amazingly intricate. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes was a personal favourite.

After strolling up and down, and up Diagon Alley again, we entered a small office-like room that was covered with detailed drawings of all the sets. It's bizarre to see how much of a mathematical process designing a set is, as opposed to just a creative one.

Finally, the most magical part of the whole tour; a scale model of Hogwarts, sitting atop a mountain in the middle of a dark room. Circling the castle, seeing it from all different levels and angles whilst various scores from the film are playing in the background was a very calming experience.

Right before entering the gift shop, you're greeted by shelves and shelves of wands; each box painstakingly hand decorated to make it completely individual. Me and Joe had great fun pretending to pick out our wands, even though everyone knows that the wand chooses the wizard...

Finally, the ridiculously overpriced gift shop that somehow manages to suck you in to buying things you don't need with money you don't have. I desperately wanted one of Mrs Weasley's knitted jumpers, but at £70 a pop, I managed to resist. Similarly, with chocolate frogs being £9 each, I decided to save both my wallet and my waistline by leaving them on the shelf. I did however end up buying a t-shirt with the majority of the cast on, and a notebook and tumblr with the Hogwarts crest on. I wear clothes, I make notes, and I drink a hell of a lot of squash so they were definitely all necessary purchases!

I'm sorry my last two posts have been pretty lengthy due to the ridiculous amount of photos I've  taken lately. I've actually just come up with a blogging schedule which I will be starting next week, so I will be posting a much more even spread of fashion, beauty, tutorials, recipes, DIY's, OOTD's, hauls and lifestyle posts. I will also have monthly features such as Steal Her Style, monthly favourites and a column where I share my views on a current topic in the media.

If you're a Potterhead like me, let me know below!
KJ xo

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  1. This is too great!

    I've also seen YouTubers such as Zoella, and Alfie visit the same place (at least, I believe it is the same place?) and it looks incredible! It would be an experience visiting there!

  2. ahhh your photos are AMAZING!! wish i could go back, it literally my favourite place in the world XX