Steal Her Style: Blake Lively

Post date: Wednesday 5 March 2014

Having being cursed with writers block lately, I was delighted to open my emails yesterday to find that Paul Fredrick had contacted me suggesting I put together a "Steal Their Style" post. Before I had even read the email in full, the words "Leonardo" and "DiCaprio" practically jumped off the screen at me, leading me to their own "Steal His Style" post. Whilst he may have lost out again at the Oscars this week, their post proves he's certainly winning in the style stakes (Warning: Click on the link at your own risk, it contains serious eye candy). 
If you know me in the slightest then you'll be aware that I have a totally normal and healthy interest in the TV show Gossip Girl. It therefore only took me a split second to decide that I would be doing my post on Blake Lively (Or Serena Van Der Woodsen, as you may know her). I spent a good few hours choosing my favourite Blake/Serena looks, and trawling through the entire British high street to find affordable alternatives. Unfortunately it seems Topshop doesn't yet stock Blake's hottest accessory; Ryan Reynolds, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. 

The first look I chose to recreate is quite a dressy one. A bold skirt and cropped statement jacket paired with a nude heel is the perfect combination for drinks with the girls, or a big work or social event. This is the kind of look I'd like to imagine I'm brave enough to pull off, even if I don't have anywhere to wear it!

1. Paisley Tapestry Jacket - New Look, £29.99 // 2. Abstract Print Boxy Jacket - River Island, £50// 3. Glasto Pom Pom Jacket - Monsoon, £42 //4. Matelasse Origami Skirt - Forever 21, £14.75 // 5. Basic Mini Skirt in Teal - Forever 21, £3.00 // 6. Faux Leather Skirt with Zip - Zara, £25.99 // 7. Grizzly Studded Court Shoes - Topshop, £40 // 8. Leather Wide Heel Sandal - Zara, £39.99 // 9. Court Shoes - H&M£24.99.

This look always stood out to me whilst watching (and re-watching) Gossip Girl, and definitely reflects my own style. A nude dress teamed with brogues and a fedora whispers 'Parisian chic' whilst the casual blazer adds a slight 'city girl' vibe.
1. Faux Leather Dress with Straps - Zara, £39.99 // 2. Velour Blazer - Zara, £49.99 // 3. Roll Sleeve Throw on Jacket - Topshop, £60 // 4. Soft Blucher Shoes - Zara, £25.99 // 5. Textured Seam Tunic - Topshop, £24 // 6. Fold Over Bag - Next, £45 // 7. Fedora - ASOS, £22.

My third chosen look is perfect for the warmer months, and is a bit more glam than the old tank top and skater skirt we all throw on to run errands in during the summer. The embellished top, floral skirt and bright shoes and bag make for a pretty busy outfit but if Blake can pull it off then I'm sure all us normal gals can too... right?
1. Aloha Skirt - Topshop, £48 // 2. Floral Printed Skater Skirt - Topshop, £26 // 3. Leather and Suede Shopper - Zara, £39.99 // 4. Hushed Heeled Sandal - ASOS, £42 // 5.Yellow High Heeled Court Shoe - ASOS, £70 // 6. True Decadence Embellished Cami Top - ASOS, £55 // 7. Embellished Top - Topshop, £39.

Finally, Blake's off-duty look. She's a huge fan of jeans and slouchy tops with heels or knee high boots, which is a really easy style for everyone to recreate. I love this subdued colour palette, and is the perfect casual outfit to wear whilst shopping or seeing friends in the Winter months. 
1. Parish High Heels - ASOS, £45 // 2. Sweatshirt - H&M, £9.99 // 3. Felt Fedora - ASOS, £20 // 4. MOTO Forest Jeans - Topshop, £36 // 5. Large Burgundy Tote Bag - Debenhams, £52.50 // 6. Micro-Structured Sweater - Zara, £35.99 // 7.Trousers - Zara, £19.99.

Who's your celebrity style inspiration? Should I make "Steal Her Style" posts a regular feature? Let me know!
KJ xo
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  1. I nominated you for the liebster awards!

  2. I love Blake's style, it's always so trendy and classy! And thank you so much for this post, it's amazing! I loved it!
    By the way, I do think this kind of posts should be regular posts! xx