Birthday Wishlist

Post date: Sunday 30 March 2014

As I've spent the whole day in bed wallowing in self pity due to the fact I've contracted the flu, I decided that the only thing that could cheer me up would be a spot of online shopping. However, I simultaneously realised that everything I want it rather expensive and my birthday is just round the corner, and decided it would be more productive to make a birthday list.  
Slowly but surely, Converse have become the only shoes that I wear and I've been wanting a new pair to add to my collection for a while. As soon as I laid eyes on this sequinned pair, I knew that we were going to end up together; love at first sight, if you will. At the other end of the spectrum, I do want a pair of smarter shoes because I do occasionally venture to places where Converse aren't appropriate. These tassled loafers from Topshop are perfect for smartening up dresses and jeans!
I may have naturally curly hair, but I often crave smoother, more even curls because the dragged-backwards-through-a-hedge look doesn't always work for me. This Babyliss wand has a nice thick barrel, perfect for creating loose curls and waves!
Seeing as I'm turning 19, I think it's about time I owned a proper bag. You know, not a rucksack or a Primark handbag. Zara has the best bags, and I'd happily carry my junk around in any one of them, but this bowler bag is practical, sophisticated and the perfect size for day to day use. 
I'm on a mission to own all of my favourite TV shows on DVD, and having culminated a nice collection of Gossip Girl DVDs, it's time to move on to the second best show on the planet; Pretty Little Liars. 
I've always struggled to find a mascara that leaves my lashes looking long and lustrous, and have come to the conclusion that maybe a slightly more expensive product would do the job. These Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent ones have rave reviews! I'd also like another Chanel polish to add to the collection, and "Holiday" is the perfect shade for summer.
Last but not least, macarons. I only know of two bakery's in Bristol that sell them, but have scoured the internet and found a couple of reasonably priced websites that do home delivery! Of course, it would be preferable to receive a trip to Paris for my birthday and buy my own from LadurĂ©e... A girl can dream, huh?

1. Converse All Star Multi Sequin - Office, £59.99 // 2. Laverne Tassle Loafers - Topshop, £32 // 3. Babyliss Boutique Loose Waves Curling Tong - Tesco, £19.50 // 4. Bowling Bag - Zara, £19.99// 5. Pretty Little Liars DVD box-set - Amazon, £29.95 // 6. Sublime De Chanel Infinite Length and Curl Mascara - Boots, £24 // 7. Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara - Boots, £24.50 // 8. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in "Holiday" - Boots, £17.50 // 9. Macarons (Box of 6) - Bettys, £8.

KJ xo

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