Lovin' Burgers

Post date: Thursday 10 April 2014

 Last night, me and my friends decided to dine at a new spot in town; The Love Inn. By day it's a trendy little bar that serves an array of brunch dishes and by night it's a minuscule club that all the hipsters flock to, in order to dance the night away to "fresh beats". By evening, however, it serves a select few burgers and pizzas (and they may just be the best damn burgers I've ever had!). 
They menu is not hugely extensive, with just seven burgers, five pizzas and two desserts on offer. Nevertheless, the flavour combinations available are quite original and a refreshing change from the usual hamburger/chicken burger/veggie burger. It was a tough choice between The Cheeseburger Deluxe, The Bacon Swiss and The Chicken Caesar, made only tougher when I realised there was a Rosemary Chicken and a Spinach and Ricotta pizza on the other side of the menu.
After placing our orders, I was reassured that it would be acceptable to snap a few photos because it's an "arty place" where "people do that sort of thing", so off I went...

I approve of any place that even makes your request for tap water look fancy!

With wooden shelves piled high with liquor, huge plant pots, quirky decorations and plush booths, The Love Inn has a strictly urban feel to it that resembles the sort of bar you might find in Brooklyn. 

 After a relatively short wait, our food arrived in cute little woven baskets lined with branded paper. The burgers were extremely photogenic, perhaps due to the brioche buns or the copious amounts of melted cheese. They taste was pretty much unparalleled and couldn't be marred even by the fact that I have not yet mastered burger-eating-etiquette, and failed to take one bite without spilling half the contents out the other side.  

There was little talking for the next twenty minutes as we all dug in and polished off our treats. Afterwards, there was a lot of moaning and groaning as our stomachs caught up with our eyes and we realised how disgustingly full we were. It was, of course, well worth it though!

What have you been up to lately? I intend to spend the rest of the day led in bed reading your blogs!
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