How I Style: Converse Hi Tops

Post date: Friday 25 April 2014

Hi Top Converse are notoriously hard to style, unless you're Tumblr famous and wearing a crisp white pair alongside some Levi cut-offs and a figure hugging crop top. 
For Christmas I received this bright red pair, and it may have taken me a few months, but I've finally figured out all the funkiest ways in which to wear them. When I first unwrapped these bad boys, my inner extrovert who likes to sport holographic flatforms and flamboyant t-shirts was exhilarated by the challenge of working a shoe that's so easy to get wrong. My inner sensible fashionista, however, was not so thrilled at the fact I may unwittingly end up looking like Kristen Stewart on a bad day.

Now that I (think) I know how to pull off such eye catching colour, I wanted to write a post on them to try and banish the idea that bright red Converse are... well, for want of a better word, lame.

I recently purchased this dress and was worried it may be a little raunchy for me to wear out and about without looking like a prostitute; styling mesh cut-outs is certainly not my forté. After trying it out with heels, boots and flats, I decided trainers were the only thing that could save me. Not only do my hi tops add a pop of colour to the outfit, they make it look like I'm going for a grungey oversized t-shirt look, as opposed to a sultry see-through bodycon look.

My tartan Topshop skirt is probably one of my favourites these days, perhaps because I've recently rediscovered my love for Clueless or perhaps just because it's a little bit fierce. Aside from pairing it with my biker boots to create a look that actually intimidates me a little, I love teaming it with my Converse for a slightly cuter look. 

About a year ago, I went through a phase of wearing massively oversized button-down shirts all the time. I'm not quite sure what's happened but somehow I've found myself reigniting my affair with them, although this time instead of wearing chunky flatform trainers with them, I've been reaching for my hi tops. This is definitely one of my favourite looks; the obscure pattern paired with such a bold colour makes me feel all brave and trendy!

I own a lot of LBD's (eight, to be precise), but I hate the notion of LBD's being a glam, luxury item that you can only wear on nice occasions. I love wearing mine out and about when I'm shopping or having coffee with friends, and Converse are the perfect way to dress them down and stop you from looking like you've turned up to a casual lunch date in your favourite party dress. 

Finally, what I refer to as the "Rae Earl Look" (any My Mad Fat Diary fans reading this will know what I mean!). I've had these vintage jeans for yonks but I've only started to wear them recently; teamed with a plain t-shirt and my brightest trainers, this is a perfectly comfortable and practical outfit for running errands or nattering to my gal pals for a few hours. 

So there we have it, Converse 6 - 0 Haters. I hope this post helped anyone else who is a little unsure on how to style their hi tops, and has convinced you all that they are a very sound investment!
Let me know which look is your favourite!
KJ xo

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  1. That top / dress. That freaking top / dress in the third picture! I need to have it, where did you get it?! Haha.

    Naturally Jes

    1. I'm glad you like it! Unfortunately I got it from a vintage shop here in Bristol, but I'm sure you could find something similar in a vintage/charity shop near you!
      KJ xo