The February Edit.

Post date: Monday 1 February 2016

February is one of those in-between months where we are ready to banish the January blues and put away our chunky knits but unfortunately Spring isn't quite ready to grace us with it's presence. Alas, we must compromise by wrapping up warm whilst attempting to accessorize with a few chic pieces that say "I'm ready for Spring but I'm aware it's too soon to wear florals". 
My wardrobe pretty much consists of three things; monochrome, stripes and ripped jeans... and maybe some more monochrome for good measure. So, imagine my delight when I realised that all the shops are going mad for monochrome stripes right now, and that ripped jeans have managed to avoid being banished to fashion jail for another season (although I'm not looking forward to another few months of  shocked expressions from aghast parents asking me,"did you buy your jeans with those holes in them?!"). 
In amongst all the monochrome-stripes-ripped-jeans madness, rose gold has decided to make a reappearance this season; this time in a subtle, accessory-based form. Oh, and also in the form of these Adidas trainers which I am seriously coveting. Fedora hats, tortoiseshell  sunglasses and tasselled boots give a subtle nod towards spring, as do the AH-MAZING Olivia Burton watches. The H&M turtle-neck largely features because I'm a big fan of adorning my chest with the names of beautiful cities that I've never visited... it makes me look cultured, right?
I hope this gives you a little glimmer of inspiration for the next month; all items are linked below.
Thanks for reading!

1. Backpack - £80: Topshop // 2. Enchanted Garden Watch - £80: Olivia Burton on ASOS // 3. Woodland Watch - £80: Olivia Burton on ASOS // 4. Sheepskin Mittens - £10: Topsop // 5. Fringe Ankle Boots - £35: ASOS // 6. Ripped Hayden Jeans - £42: Topshop // 7. Turtle-neck Sweater - £19.99: H&M // 8. Stripe A-Line Skirt - £17.99: New Look // 9. Adidas Originals Superstar 80's Rose Gold - £90: ASOS // 10. Rose Gold Plated Heart Necklace - £24.99: ASOS // 11.  Ted Baker 'Kiara' Sunglasses - £65: ASOS // 12. Jacquard-Weave Coat - £49.99: H&M // 13. 'Layla' Headphones - £140: Urban Outfitters // 14. Wide-Brim Fedora Hat - £25: Topshop. 

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