Autumn Styling

Post date: Wednesday 4 September 2013

I did one of these posts at the start of Summer, and what with it being the start of Autumn I've decided it would be fun to do one each season (kinda playing it fast and loose with the word "fun", there). 
I'm pretty sure if my mum saw this post she would weep tears of sorrow at how many black pieces I'm coveting at the moment. I realise I've just made her sound a little racist, but the majority of my wardrobe is black and grey and she has spent the last six years begging me to "wear some colour". I think the mint green jumper is the only splash colour of colour needed for this outfit, thank you very much mum (she says whilst realising it looks like something someone might wear to a funeral). 
ANYWAY, I like it and I hope you do too. What trends or pieces are you liking this season?
KJ xo

Full Swing Maxi Skirt - Nasty Gal, $68.00 // Knitted Bobble Stitch Jumper - Topshop, £36.00 // Imitation Leather Bag - H&M, £19.99 // Bleeker Spike Chain Necklace - Urban Outfitters, £18.00 // MADHATTER Metal Trim Boots - Topshop, £40.00 // Crochet Lace Frill Socks - ASOS, £4.00 // Big Floppy Hat - Topshop, £28.00
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  1. gorgeous set, love that chunky jumper. great color combination as well.


  2. I love the jumper so much! It's such a beautiful colour. Chloe x