Denim Dreams

Post date: Saturday 21 September 2013

Skater skirts are my go-to item; whether it be red velvet or adapted from one of my mum's old maternity dresses, with braces attached or with swans on; I'll wear it. They're versatile, appropriate for every season and occasion, and can be styled in a thousand different ways. However, despite my apparent fetish for them I have never been the owner of the most infamous of them all; the denim skater skirt. I have coveted one for years, but I could never quite bring myself to part with nigh on £28 for something so... simple.
A few days ago, my grandma brought round a bag of old clothes for me to dig through. As well as discovering some rather cute vintage jumpers and blouses, I pulled out an ankle length denim skirt. It was as if all my prayers had been answered; I immediately grabbed my scissors and sewing machine, and embarked upon a merciless denim massacre. An hour later the skirt was 10" smaller, 15" shorter and with fresh elastic in the waistband. 
Feeling ecstatic about my latest creation, I decided to wear it out that evening and couldn't resist taking a few snaps of how I'd chosen to style it. However, with this being my first outfit post I was rather nervous about taking and posting these photographs and thus used my artistic licence to ensure I captured a sense of the outfit without having to inflict my face upon you all. 
Do any of you also have a love affair with skater skirts? Or any item of clothing? If so, how do you choose to style them?

Blouse - Vintage, Fly Boutique | Studded Rucksack - Topshop | Mac - Primark.

KJ xo

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  1. I totally understand your love for skater skirts. They're so easy to style and there're so many varieties out there. I have different prints and different materials. Totally jealous of your amazing find! I've been looking for a denim skater skirt for the longest time but I can never find one for under $50 ):
    Love your top by the way!
    - Ashley
    Not Haute

  2. Oh thank god I'm not the only one! I know, I think they're so expensive because they're such a staple item!
    Your blog is lovely :)
    KJ xo

  3. Love the backpack and the pattern of the shirt! Makes the outfit look so interesting!
    You've definitely gained a new follower :3



  4. Thank you! :) and thank you for following :)
    KJ xo

  5. Super pretty, I have so many skater skirts... <3

    Cute to the Fashion