Hunting for Gromit

Post date: Tuesday 3 September 2013

I'm not really sure why, but every year in Bristol some artists decide to paint some things and then they get displayed in some places for some time and some people like to try and find them all. Last year it was gorillas, this year it's Gromits. With me and Joe embarking on our gap year and his younger sister about to go back to school, we decided to take her out to enjoy the last dregs of Summer and help her bring her total of uncovered Gromits from fifty-two to sixty. (There's eighty in total but one of them is in London and ain't nobody got time for that.)
Despite what I may have previously said about the idea of Gromit-hunting making me want to gouge my eyes out, it was actually a lot of fun. There were eight Gromits located in the city centre, and so it was actually quite pleasant to take a leisurely walk around town to visit them all. Each Gromit is decorated in a unique way; some, such as Gromit Lightyear and Grosmos were super sassy, others such as Lancelot could have tried harder. 
If you want to read more about the Gromit Unleashed project, click here.

(I noticed when looking through my photos that I am wearing the exact same Topshop skirt and Urban Outfitters jumper that I have been wearing since Christmas. Can I still call myself a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogger?)

Collarfull and Grosmos



Gromit Lightyear


I'd like to be one of those bloggers who would now move on to tell you about the cute little restraunt we discovered for lunch, and the gourmet food we dined on. However, the reality of the situation is this... 

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