"Beauty Things I Suck At" Tag

Post date: Saturday 12 October 2013

I was tagged by Jasmine to do the Beauty Things I Suck At tag, so here it is...

Wearing Perfume
The only two perfumes I own are Chanel No5 and Guerlain's 'My Insolence'. I have a thing about perfumes, I will only buy one if I absolutely love it, because I know how rubbish I am at actually remembering to apply them. More often than not, I end up walking around with only a faint trace of deodorant following me around because I never think to actually put perfume on unless it's a special occasion. I was gifted this Chanel No5 two and a half years ago and it's not even half empty yet! 

 Wearing Something Other than Dark Red Lipstick and Nail Varnish
Any time I venture away from dark red lipsticks and nail varnishes, I feel as if I'm being unfaithful to a trustworthy, long-standing friendship. There's something about the shade that I find comforting, not least because when I'm wearing it I have something to touch every time I see a post van! (You know if you see a post van and don't touch something red it's bad luck, right...? RIGHT?!) Looking at these pictures, it's embarrassing how identical these shades are. I promise in real life they are extremely different... 

 Shaping my Eyebrows
It's time for a confession. I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to plucking and shaping my eyebrows. I just kind of pluck pluck pluck away until I think they look semi-decent. Seriously, where do people learn what brow shape suits their face, and how to achieve it?! If someone could step forward and admit that they're winging it too, maybe I could sleep easy at night whilst still calling myself a girl.

Straightening my Hair
I rarely straighten my hair, as you can see from the fact I only have £10 Boots-own straighteners. However, having smooth, sleek locks sometimes takes my fancy so I crank up the heat and try and tame my hair. It's all fun and games until I reach the back of my head; HOW do you straighten the hair at the back of your head?! Please, someone tell me. I can't see which bits I've already done and which bits are still a frizz ball, and the awkward angle makes my arms ache, and the heat makes me get all hot and bothered, and there's always that one kink that I can't quite reach... Straightening your hair is such a fundamental part of being a girl, I really don't understand why I find it so difficult; did I miss some kind of girl lessons when I was younger?

 Taking my Make-up off at Night
Forgive me father for I have sinned. I can't remember the last time I removed my make-up before bed. It's unhygienic and despicable but I know you're all the same, so I don't feel too bad. I mean, who actually goes through the laborious process of removing every last fleck of mascara at night, when it could all just be washed off in the shower the next morning, leaving you with rather dashing panda eyes?   


KJ xo
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  1. I was quite surprised when I saw that I was tagged! Thank you :)
    I will begin working on this soon.

    P.S - I am probably very similar with your things "You Suck At" hahah.

    1. That's ok! :) It's a good post to do if you're a bit stuck for inspiration!
      KJ xo

  2. awww thanks for tagging, i see a lot of similar things i am no good at.
    like shaping my brows, i just don't even bother doing anything with them at this point.


    1. That's ok :) I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't do it!
      KJ xo

  3. I'm also very bad at taking off my makeup at night! I'm lazy x)

    Just a little prettier