Halloween Make-up Tutorial: Evil Fairy

Post date: Tuesday 22 October 2013

Today I was playing around with some ideas of what I wanted to dress up as for Halloween and I finally decided that being an evil fairy was my calling. As much as I love fake blood and inventive costumes, this year I wanted to go for something a little more dainty, that allowed me to utilise some of the make-up that I don't wear day to day.
The dangerous thing about this look is that if you get it wrong, you can end up looking like a drag queen (as I discovered the hard way!). However it's not too dramatic, so if you're one of those people who gets a bit nervous about walking around in a full-on costume, this is a great alternative to caking on the zombie face paint or lugging a broom and a witches hat around with you. 
To create this look I basically just let loose with a giant eyeshadow palette, so I must confess this isn't the most professional of tutorials as I was just making up the whole thing as I went along. Maybe I shouldn't have said that... This is in fact a highly rehearsed tutorial that uses only the most professional of techniques, of course. 

You will need: Multiple shades of green and purple eyeshadow | An eyeshadow brush and a blending brush | A green and a purple eyeliner | Mascara | Foundation | Concealer | A dark lipstick | Sellotape

Begin by applying your foundation. I used two pumps of Elizabeth Arden Intervene in Soft Sand.

Then dot your concealer under your eyes to hide any dark circles. I used Rimmel's Wake Me Up under eye concealer.

Next, take your very legit and professional eyeshadow primer (aka the concealer you just used) and apply it to your lids to create a base.

Take a strip of sellotape and place it on your skin, making sure it runs from the outer corner of your eye to your hairline. This will ensure a nice sharp edge to your eyeshadow.

Start with the lightest shade of green and dust it all over your lids.

Take the second darkest shade and apply it more to the centre of your lid, and your crease.

Then take the darkest green and wing it out towards your hairline.

Take your purple and blend it in to the wing. 

I continued to build up the dark green and purple shadows until I had a look I was happy with.

Now take your green and purple eyeliners and draw a line in each colour extending from the inner corner of your lid, right to your hairline. Use a blending brush to create a softer line.

Apply your mascara. 

When finished, it should look something like this. You could add a black liquid liner flick for more definition, or some glitter for a more fairy-inspired look.

Finally apply your dark lipstick, I'm using Kate Moss for Rimmel in the shade 04.

For my hair I did a simple half-up half-down look, with a dutch braid across the front of my head.

Add some black lace and you're done!

What will you be dressing up as for halloween? Was this tutorial helpful to you? 
KJ xo

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  1. this is SO cute! Love it :)


  2. The tape is actually such a smart idea. Of course I wouldn't have thought of that.

    Jes | Naturally Jes

    1. Haha I think I'd heard of it somewhere as a way to stop fall out from eyeshadow - it works really well!
      KJ xo

  3. This looks really pretty! Good job! :)