What's In My Bag?

Post date: Wednesday 30 October 2013

I've been struggling with writers block a bit lately; my life pretty much consists of going to work, sitting in pubs or seeing my boyfriend... hardly ground-breaking blogging material. However I made a commitment to myself to post regularly and so I decided to jump on the bandwagon (about a year late) and do a "What's In My Bag?" post. I'm not really sure what the point of these posts are, I guess they're just for nosey people who like to know what personal items people lug around with them on a daily basis. In which case, this could be pretty disappointing as I've just reviewed these photos and realised that I am in fact a rather dull person. So on that note, let's begin!

The one item that is always in my bag is water. I get dehydrated pretty quickly and I used to think this was an incurable problem until I had the ingenious idea of carrying a bottle of water around with me.

I usually have some form of hair clips or bobbles floating around in my bag because I always go out with my hair down and within ten minutes of walking I'm all sweaty and need to shove my hair up on top of my head. Was that too much information? I'm sorry.

It's getting to that time of year now where the heavens could spontaneously open at any moment and so it's pretty imperative for us Brits to carry umbrellas with us everywhere we go. Mine's got some pretty funky ducks on it in case you hadn't noticed; I bought it from Next about a year ago and it's held up against the story weather a lot better than any of my previous brollies.

 I always have my three best friends with me: my cracked-beyond-belief iPod, my trusty Kodak camera, and my beaten and bruised BlackBerry. If I leave the house without any of these, I feel incomplete. I guess it's kind of worrying how dependent I am on technology, but imagine how traumatic it would be if you left your phone at home and couldn't check Twitter on the move?!

 Hold the press, because this one is a shocker... I keep my keys in my bag. Please ignore the One Direction key ring.

 I recently bought this purse from Topshop and I think I'm a little bit in love with it. It's my first "grown-up" purse. Until now, I used whatever purses I'd been given for various birthdays and Christmas', but this one finally makes me feel like the adult I now am. Probably because it's all black and smooth and has a pretty gold clasp.

The bag I'm using at the moment is this colour-block one from Primark. I'd been coveting a similar one from Zara for weeks, so when i saw this one for £10 I couldn't resist. It's been holding up pretty well so far but I'm sure it will eventually end up in the bag graveyard along with every other Primark bag I've purchased.

So, that's that; a deeply insightful look in to the array of mysterious and unusual objects I keep in my bag.
What bag are you using at the moment, and what do you keep in it?

KJ xo

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  1. I wouldn't doubt that sitting in the pub, or seeing your boyfriend isn't blog worthy. I would have definitely loved to see some posts regarding to every day life! :)

    Nevertheless, this is a creative, yet fun post!

    Jes | Naturally Jes

    1. Thank you :) I do want to start blogging more of my day to day life but I'm not quite brave enough to annoy everyone around me by pulling out my camera every two seconds! Hopefully one day...
      KJ xo

  2. that bag is lovely, and for £10 you can never go wrong! xx


    1. Thank you :) I know! And once it breaks in a few months it'll be a great excuse to buy a new one :)
      KJ xo

  3. Cute Stuff! Merci for your lovely comment on my Blog - hope you‘ll come back soon ♡Love, Kyra

  4. Haha sounds like our lives are pretty similar at the minute!
    Great post, I love that purse! I should start carrying a proper camera around with me, there are many times it could have been useful