Christmas At Cribbs

Post date: Tuesday 3 December 2013

Here in Bristol we have two main shopping centres; Cabot Circus and The Mall Cribbs Causeway. I think most Bristolians (apart from over-50's and chavs) would agree that for 91% of year, Cabot Circus is a more preferable shopping environment. However, if there's one thing The Mall does well, it's Christmas.
Every year they transform their car park in to a Winter wonderland; thousands of lights, a merry-go-round, a gigantic castle, fake snow, an ice skating rink and a mini Christmas market. 

As an 8-year-old, there was something really magical about taking a trip up to The Mall once it was dark and seeing all the lights strung from the trees and the skaters whizzing round the rink. As an 18-year old, you start to notice that the lights are probably quite cheap and all the skaters are just stumbling round clinging on to the railings in offensive orange skates; magical none the less.
Naturally, I felt the need to take some photos of the decorations and so I spent a good hour wandering round in the freezing cold looking slightly like a paedophile as I tried to capture the merry-go-round and the skaters. I hope this post helps you get in to the Christmas spirit a little bit; I, on the other hand, am trying very hard to ignore the fact it's December. 

 What are the lights like in your town? 
KJ xo

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  1. Oh my gosh!! These shots are amazing. Everything looks so magical! That'll definitely put you in the holiday spirit.

    Also, I nominated you for the sunshine award. Check my latest blog post to see what it's about. :)

    xx brittnee

    1. Thank you for nominating me I will definitely be doing a post on that soon!
      KJ xo