Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

Post date: Saturday 7 December 2013

After stalking the Independent Fashion Bloggers website for a good few months, I finally plucked up the courage to submit a post to their Links à la Mode section. After doing it I sort of forgot about it and when I went to check my emails today I discovered I had made it to the roundup! MAJOR excitement went down, and what with it being midnight there is no one awake for me to share it with - so I'm hoping one or two of my readers is awake! I am so excited to be listed alongside so many great blogs, thanks IFB!


Glamourous Giving

This year feels especially glamourous, not sure why, it's just a feeling. And believe me, it's strange because my personal life is considerably less glamourous on paper, so what's up with that? Is it the glitter? The sparking lights? The beautiful holiday style? Well, if you take a look at this week's roundup, we have all kinds of resources for glamming it up this holiday season. From getting a man's advice on gift giving, to looking sizzling hot at the holiday party. We've even got a close look at a real princess. I feel glamourous already!

Links à la Mode: December 5th

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