Girls' Christmas Dinner

Post date: Wednesday 25 December 2013

After much stress and organisation, me and the girls finally got together on Monday for a Christmas meal. Having a Christmas meal with friends means a lot to me, because the one I have at home is always sub-par and leaves me feeling slightly cheated. 
We spent a week trying to decide which day would be best for everyone, and then another three days trying to decide what everyone should bring, before someone suggested that we just order a curry instead. Of course that idea was quickly shot down by me, and the Judas who suggested such horrors was forced to prepare and cook the chicken as punishment. 
Isy (aka the hostess with the mostess) had laid the table beautifully, which got me in the festive spirit for all of five minutes before I was informed that a chicken takes two hours to roast... at which point, a curry didn't sound so bad after all. However we powered on through (well the others did, I just pointed my camera in everyone's faces whilst they flapped around getting everything ready) and the meal was well worth the wait. 


 ... and after!

 Rosemary; the ultimate secret ingredient. 

 I always find it hard to translate the deliciousness of a big meal like this on to camera without taking lots of close-ups of each dish (which of course ends with sarcastic comments from those waiting to eat the delicious meal). However, I was pleasantly surprised with how these photos turn out, and you all know how scrumptious chicken and roast potatoes are anyway.

 A semi-successful photo of everyone...

Merry Christmas!
KJ xo

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