Girls Catching Up

Post date: Friday 31 January 2014

Last week me and my friend Yasmin met up for a girly chin-wag, and I decided to actually take my camera along for once. We decided to head to Gallimaufry's, one of our favourite spots on Gloucester Road. We cosied up with a pot of tea and a pint of coke to discuss baking, boyfriends and birthdays for an hour or two, before Yasmin had to head off to help out at a local after-school club (Good Samaritan alert). I then found myself wandering up Gloucester Road, traipsing in and out of the various charity shops, pondering over why I spend 80% of my life on this one road. 
For those of you who have never been to Bristol, Gloucester Road is a mile and half of independent businesses (bar one Co-Op, a Boots, a Sainsbury's and a steadily going out of business Peacocks). Home to 20 pubs and bars, 10 charity and vintage shops, various fruit and veg shops, florists, fishmongers, jewellers, butchers, bakery's, a couple of dodgy off-licences about a million cafĂ©'s and hands down the best late-night chip shop in the world, it's no wonder me and my friends seem to find ourselves practically living there. 
Over the past couple of months we have holed ourselves up in at least half of the pubs with a deck of cards to fuel our unhealthy addiction to Rummy, and enjoyed playing Snooker at a rather amateur level. We've indulged in burgers at The Bishops, cheesy chips at Blue Lagoon, chocolate fudge cake at Cider Press and tackled "Dirty Fries" and the "Old School Triple Bypass Burger" (3 burgers, 2 hash browns, bacon, cheese, salad and a gherkin) at Hobgoblin. Not to mention the fact that a third of my wardrobe has been sourced from the charity and vintage shops, and you can find everything you would ever need for fancy dress in Katz. 
Anyway, enough about my weird obsession with... a road. Here are a couple of pictures I took in Gallimaufry's, next time I may venture outside and take a few more!

Do you have somewhere like this in your town?
KJ xo
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  1. The first picture is so lovely. It makes me feel warm just looking at it. Maybe it shows my love for tea, who knows!

    Unfortunately I don't have anything like this in my town. However, the city is a whole different story, which isn't too far from me. Melbourne's very well known for their coffee shops and clubs, and of course the alleyways! :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  2. Love all the pictures!
    I do have a few locals like this in my town.
    By the way, this one looks amazing! xx