Minnie Mouse Buns Tutorial

Post date: Friday 24 January 2014

After posting a picture of my "Minnie Mouse Buns" on my InstaDiary last week, I was asked to do a tutorial on them, so here we are! I personally find this quick and easy, however I am a bit of a ninja when it comes to hair styling, so if you're a beginner you might find this takes a little practice. 

I came across this hairstyle a few weeks ago when I was having a bored moment and decided to search the internet for fun new things to do with my hair and couldn't resist giving it a go. I'm not going to pretend that this is a super versatile hairstyle that you could wear on any occasion; the only time I would find myself wearing it out the house would be to a fancy dress party! However if you're brave enough to wear this out with a few coats of mascara and dashes of lipstick then I applaud you. 

First, part your hair straight down the middle...

 ...And tie it up in two high pigtails. When tying it up, don't wrap the elastic round as many times as it will go, so the pigtails are a little loose.

 Once you're happy with where the pigtails are, pick up the elastic again, and loop the pigtail back through it a couple of inches so that you have two loops on top of your head.

Take the "tail" of the loop (the hair that you didn't pull all the way through the elastic and is hanging forwards), and split it in two. Twist one section tightly.

 Take the twisted section and pull it through the loop. There is no particular way of doing this, I find it easiest to stick my thumb and forefinger through the loop and pull the twist through.

Once you've pulled the twist through, spread the loop out so that the end of it touches your scalp and pin in place.

Take the other half of the "tail", twist it and poke it through the other side of the loop. I find on this side it's easiest just to hold the loop open with your thumb and stuff the twist in.

Gently spread that side of the loop too and pin it to your head.

 Repeat for the other bun, and you're finished!

Let me know if you try this out!
KJ xo
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  1. this is adorable! i going to try it out tomorrow :)
    Rita x


  2. Awwh this is super cuuuute! This would be great for a part of a Halloween costume too <3 Very creative!
    ~Makaela at www.makaelassuitcase.blogspot.com