ModCloth: In the Key of Chic

Post date: Saturday 11 January 2014

Being a huge fan of both vintage clothing and wasting my life away creating outfits, I couldn't resist taking part in ModCloth's weekly Polyvore challenge when they approached me. For those of you who don't know what ModCloth is, it's an American online vintage store that stocks everything from pretty dresses to toilet paper holders in the shape of polaroid cameras. (They ship worldwide too, so us British vintage lovers have no excuses!)
Having been given the challenge of styling this "In the Key of Chic" dress, I instantly began scouring the site for pieces that caught my eye. What with the dress being quite loud, I knew I wanted to keep everything else neutral so the dress could act as a statement piece. 
I instantly fell in love with these brogue-style flats as they are so dainty (and definitely not because when paired with the dress the whole outfit is somewhat Taylor Swift-esque... whoops!) Personally, I adore white shoes but they are also available in brown for those of you who, like me, can't really wear white shoes due to your inability to avoid puddles... and mud... and grass.
 Seeing as puddles and mud and rubbish weather in general are quite common in England, it was a necessity to find an appropriate coat to protect the dress. This raincoat is probably the definition of perfect; my pet peeve is spending hours preparing the perfect outfit only to look out the window and realise that my hard work is going to go unnoticed as I cover it up with frumpy Winter coat. So, what could be better than a waterproof, see-through coat?  Answer: nothing. Whoever's idea this was deserves an Oscar or a Nobel Prize or something. 
Finally I chose a practical satchel as I'm one of those people that needs a decent sized bag to carry all their crap around in, and an array of rings to add some detail to the look.

In the Key of Chic Dress - $124.99 (£75.88) // Marina Ballerina Flats - $32.99 (£20.03) // Winsome Wayfarer Satchel - $112.99 (£68.59) // My Fair Festival Raincoat - $89.99 (£54.63) // Classic Cocktails New Heirloom Ring - $13.99 (£8.49) // Dazzling Modifier Ring Set - $12.99 (£7.89) // Commanding Attention Ring - $24.99 (£15.17) // Antler to Your Questions Ring - £15.99 (£9.71) 

I hope you like this look; will you be checking out ModCloth now?
KJ xo
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  1. Ugh, I adore the bag. I have heard a lot about ModCloth. I may just have to take a closer look at their website!

    Jes | Naturally Jes