Pancakes, Please

Post date: Thursday 6 March 2014

Today me and Joe had a slightly belated Pancake Day and of course, I couldn't resist whipping out my camera and snapping a few shots of our sweet treats in the hope of capturing at least one truly worthy of the "foodporn" hashtag.

After debating whether it would be ok to use self-raising flour instead of plain, and realising our only set of weighing scales were broken, we managed to whip up a somewhat lumpy yet altogether quite tasty batter. Pancakes are one of my favourite things to make, however I rarely manage to produce the perfect crepe; they're either too thick, too thin, undercooked, or break during the flipping process. 
Today, however, we somehow managed to produce four perfect pancakes; crisp edges, nicely browned and perfectly intact after some rather precarious flips. 

Feeling like we'd got the whole basic pancake "thing" down, it was time to move on to the fillings. Being the less than adventurous guy that he is, Joe insisted on us making savoury ham and cheese crepes. These were actually pretty tasty and quite fun to make as you have to play a risky game of chucking ham and cheese in to semi-cooked batter, folding the pancake in half and then continually flipping it until you've got a nice, gooey, cheesey centre. 

After spending all my previous Shrove Tuesday's smothering pancakes in Nutella before wolfing them down, I decided to try something a little different this time. I grabbed a few blueberries, drizzled on some golden syrup, wrapped it all up and chowed down on the American classic. YUMMY.

How did you celebrate Pancake Day?
KJ xo

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  1. I am not much of a pancake fan, if I am being real with you, but I'd say you have done a great job on them, and for those who do love pancakes, would surely think these would taste amazing! :)

    Jes \ Naturally Jes

  2. Oh my God these look truly delicious. I actually didn't celebrate Pancake day, but i'll make sure to do it next year haha. xx

  3. the ham and cheese ones look delicious! We'll have to try them out. We usually have sweet pancake toppings like fruit, but we definitely have to try some savoury toppings next time we make a batch!