Statement Nail Art Tutorial

Post date: Saturday 15 March 2014

I can't remember the last time I didn't have a sleek layer of polish on my finger tips, so today I decided to try something a little bit different whilst painting them. I'm a huge fan of statement nails; having a contrasting design or colour on one nail is a great way to make a manicure stand out. So, I decided to try a little bit of DIY nail art, using two of my favourite polishes and a bit of sticky tape. I went for a simple black and gold design, as I wanted something chic and glossy looking. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out, and now that I'm feeling a little braver I'm definitely going to try some funkier patterns! Remember, I am most definitely not a nail/beauty expert, I just like to experiment with things and share them on here when they work out... I mean, I've been working on this tutorial for weeks with all my super professional products and am now pleased to share it with you.

 You will need: Scissors // Sellotape // Top coat // Two nail varnishes that work well together.

Begin by painting your nails with one of your chosen colours. I chose Chanel Le Vernis in "219 Black Satin", and used about 3 coats to ensure a long lasting finish. 

Next, leave your nails to dry (you may want to wait a few hours to ensure they are truly dry) and then cut your sellotape in to thin strips, each one needs only be a few centimetres long. 

When your nails are completely dry, arrange the tape on the nail of your ring finger however you wish; remembering the gaps in the tape are where the second colour will go. Unprofessional Tip: Before applying the tape you might want to stick it to your hand and rip it off a few times, so it loses some of its stick and wont lift up your varnish.

Paint on a few coats of your second polish, ensuring the whole nail is covered. I chose a glittery Orly varnish for this layer.

Once you have a nice thick layer, leave to dry. Again, the longer you leave it the better, as it can be tricky to lift up the tape if the paint is still tacky. 

Once you've removed the tape, you should be left with a pattern. Whilst mine isn't the most creative of designs, it's a great accent to glam up a simple manicure. Add a glossy top coat and you're done!

Have you tried any easy nail art designs?
KJ xo
2 people left notes on Statement Nail Art Tutorial
  1. Cool! I love the contrast with the black and the gold. For some reason every time I try to use tape to do my nail designs, it always ends up peeling off the nail polish. I try waiting until is dry, but still, it doesn't work :(

  2. Amazing! I did tried out to do this before, so many times actually. The first times turned out extremely bad, but then I just got it haha. xx