Primark Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Post date: Thursday 13 March 2014

I've never been a huge advocate of Primark; I pick up a few of my basics there, and I am a fan of their bags, but it's not a shop that I tend to visit regularly. I'm not being a snob when I say that, it just seems that I'll spot something nice in the window which then takes me about an hour to find in the store, as you have to navigate your way around a multitude of t-shirts with trashy slogans on and tacky push up bras. More often than not, I then discover that it's actually made out of a really uncomfortable material or is a lot less flattering on my body than the hanger.

I was therefore surprised when my friend sent me a link to Primark's Spring/Summer 2014 collection and I found myself lusting after the vast majority of it. Whilst their notoriously cheap prices have increased slightly so that they are now almost on par with high street brands such as H&M and New Look, their increase in the style stakes is much bigger, making their new collection worth the few extra pennies.

Tailored jumpsuits and fitted asymmetrical skirts alongside chic dresses and classic heels make up one half of the collection, whilst summery shorts, floral prints and funky accessories make up the other half. A subtle nod towards Burberry's "The Petal" bag and seemingly taking inspiration from Matthew Williamson's LFW show make this collection a step above all those previous to it. 

 I've chosen my favourite pieces for you to browse (unfortunately Primark does not yet have online shopping so I can't include links but you can view the collection here). I intend to pop in to my local store soon so that I can try some of these pieces on, so you can expect a haul post soon!

1. Tailored Playsuit - £14 // 2. Applique Clutch Bag - £10 // 3. Red Skort - £10 // 4. MaryJane T-Bar Shoes - £12 // 5. Pink Blouse - £10 // 6. Daisy Print Shift Dress - £13 // 7. Woven Asymmetric Wrap Skirt - £10 // 8. Cobalt Heels - £12 // 9. Strappy Chiffon Maxi - £13.

1. Mesh Insert T-Shirt Dress - £15 // 2. Daisy Print Sunglasses - £2 // 3. Rose Print Chiffon Shorts - £10 // 4. Spotty Blouse - £10 // 5. Palm Tree Scuba Tee - £8 // 6. Red Lazer Cut Shorts - £10 // 7. Strappy Sandals - £14 // 8. Denim Daisy Backpack - £9 // Flower Slip Dress - £17 // 10. Gold Plait Necklace - £8.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?
KJ xo
2 people left notes on Primark Spring/Summer 2014 Collection
  1. Great post, I love the Mary Jane T-Bar shoes! xx

  2. I'm going next week or so to Primark so this really helped me to see what's going on with their collection. So thank you so much! I think it's gorgeous.
    My favorite piece from the list is probably those red shorts. Or the black jumpsuit! xx