Vintage Time Keeping

Post date: Monday 11 November 2013

Yesterday, I took my mum to a vintage sale/flea market that was being held at our local cricket ground. I took her mainly for a day of bonding and because I knew she'd love to look at all the antique home-ware, but also in the hopes she might loosen the purse strings if I spotted anything I liked! 

Some of the stalls were absolutely gorgeous; there was everything from vintage dresses and satchels, to issues of Vogue from the 80's, to adorable china sets to authentic globe cocktail cabinets. I would've loved to have snapped everything up and completely reinvented my whole house but unfortunately that idea didn't seem to roll with my mum. 
As I was walking around I felt pretty gutted that I hadn't brought my camera with me to capture some of the amazing items on display. However we are already planning our next trip to another local vintage market so I will definitely be taking my camera to that!
As much as I loved everything on sale, some things were slightly out of my price ranges whilst others simply wouldn't have gone with my room (damn my 14-year-old self for thinking bright blue was the best colour for a bedroom). The was an infinite amount of super cheap jewellery however, that I simply couldn't resist. I only purchased one item, as I had truly fallen in love with it. This gorgeous quartz watch was only £4 and I could just see it being the perfect addition to pretty much all of my outfits. The detailing on the exterior is beautifully intricate, and the style of the actual watch itself is adorable. I wore it last night and couldn't help checking the time on it every two minutes, not least because it made me feel like the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland!

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be able to put up a post with lots of photos from the next vintage market I visit. Do you have any flea markets where you live? Have you ever had any great finds?

KJ xo 
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