Winter Wishlist: Boots

Post date: Friday 8 November 2013

As I've previously mentioned, I'm not really a "shoe person". I kind of just amble through life, buying a new pair of Converse when necessary and occasionally picking up a pair of crazy sparkly trainers when they catch my eye. However, I've always had a fascination with boots; chelsea, biker, cut-out, chukka... as long as they're not thigh-high, in my opinion, they're boot-iful. 
I have only ever owned one pair of "real" boots before (by "real" I mean actual sturdy boots from a shop that isn't Primark), and I absolutely wore them to death. They were a brown lace-up pair from Topshop that I bought when I was 15 after weeks of saving, and I still find myself reaching for them today on a chilly Winter's morning. However after having to have the sole replaced twice, I decided that maybe it was time to start looking for a new pair. 
I hadn't really done any proper boot-browsing as just looking at other, younger, prettier models felt like cheating on my faithful companions. However this weekend, during a particularly unsuccessful shopping trip, I spotted a pair in H&M. They were fierce, they had laces, they had zips, they had a chunky heel and there was only one pair left on the shelf, in a 7.5 (embarrassingly, my exact size). Impulsively, I bought them. They're not exactly "me" but I guess that's what I like about them; not to mention the fact they can be used to add a bit of spice to pretty much any outfit.
After purchasing them, I seem to have caught boot-fever. Me being bored turns in to me perusing boots. Me trying to write blog posts and articles turns in to me perusing boots. Me waking up turns in to me perusing boots...
So here are some of my favourites at the moment, including the pair I've already purchased. I also went ahead and purchased the Topshop jacket that I put on my coats wishlist  which makes me think I should stop making wishlists and start trying to save my money!
What's your favourite style of boot this season?

Lace-up Boots - H&M, £29.99 // SHORT - KG by Kurt Geiger, £130 // Velvet Blue Desert Boot - Asos, £79 // Arvey Double Buckle Boots - Topshop, £78.

KJ xo

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  1. I am OBSESSED with boots. I have like 7 or 8 pairs. They're just so versatile and so dang cute. I'm really loving combat boots.

    1. 8 pairs of boots?! Wow! Yeah combat boots are so great this season!
      KJ xo