Wearing my Winter Wishlist

Post date: Thursday 21 November 2013

I have posted both a "boots" and a "coats" wishlist so far this Winter, and I have since done something rather out of character and gone ahead and purchased two of the items I was lusting after! 

I'm one of those painfully annoying people who scours the Topshop website, puts one item in my basket, um's and ah's then shuts the tab. Five times a day. However what with this frightfully cold Winter we're having, I decided that purchasing a coat really was necessary this year. Therefore, armed with my student discount and a promo code for free delivery, I took the plunge and purchased a classic parka. I've worn it every day since it arrived on my doorstep; a fresh bundle of joy looking for a loving home... Sort of like when Harry was left on the Dursley's doorstep. 
I also picked up some combat boots from H&M, which fit perfectly with the coat, and together the two have become the staple items of my Winter wardrobe. One of my favourite ways to style them is with my tartan skirt and a plain jumper; it's a slightly more grungy look than my usual skater dress and sparkly trainers, but I can't seem to stop wearing it!
So here it is, my first real "outfit post". Am I real fashion blogger now?!

What's your go-to look this Winter? 

KJ xo
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  1. You look so cute :) love the skirt and the boots!


  2. Gorgeous outfit, that coat looks so lovely and warm! How much was it from Topshop?


    1. It was £60 but I had a student discount code so I got it for £54 with free postage!
      KJ xo

  3. Love your coat, suits you perfectly!


  4. This is such a cute look! You're gorgeous. Love it!